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Project Description

Asp.Net Member Manager is a desktop WPF application for managing ASP.Net Memberships, Roles and Profiles.


This project aims to make it possible to manage ASP.Net Membership within initial project life cycle stages or to enable your project to get up and running without the initial need of the web-based Membership management user interface and can be used while deploying a website for the very first time.


  • Initialize membership databases
  • Create and delete users
  • Create and delete roles
  • Assign and un-assign users to roles
  • Reset user passwords
  • Unlock, activate and de-activate users
  • Works with System.Web and custom providers*
  • Attempts to handle custom profiles*
yellow-warning-sign-20px Provider compatibility
*Due to the flexibility of the Asp.Net security provider framework it is very difficult to test every single scenario. Our aim is to handle every environment so if there is something that is not working quite right it is very important to get your feedback.


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There is a continuous integration build setup on CodeBetter's TeamCity server.

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